Searching a job for plain cream cheese

Bei einem inspirierenden Austausch mit unserem Kunden brachten wir die Jobs-to-be done-Theorie ins Spiel: Welche Jobs hat euer Produkt? Und wie können wir daraus neue Innovationsimpulse ableiten? …

From jobs-to-be-done mapping to innovation impulses 

Module: Explore
Keywords: Jobs-to-be-done, innovation context, market mapping, multi-method approaches

"In blind tasting, we always strive to be better than our main competitor. But is that sufficient? Isn't that somewhat one-dimensional? Isn't a good cream cheese about more than just being 'delicious'?" 

During an inspiring exchange with our client, we brought Clayton Christensen's "jobs to be done" theory into play: "People don't buy products. They hire them to do a job for them. So let's go job hunting!"

A comprehensive JTBD mapping followed. Psychological in-depth interviews and observations were used to uncover possible jobs of a cream cheese. Their functional, emotional and symbolic dimensions were explored. A representative online survey followed to validate the relevance of the jobs and their facets.

The result: a new model for thinking and planning with new KPIs that can be used in both product development and marketing.

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