Why we do it

The way we design, produce, and use products, has to change. We help companies create product experiences that find the sweet spot between true pleasure and true responsibility. 

We believe that sensory experiences, such as smelling and tasting, are a prerequisite for joy and happiness. Therefore, a sustainable future can only work if people can have positive sensory experiences through consumption. At the same time, blind consumption needs to be reduced and resources preserved. 

Let's create product experiences with all 5 senses. And with the 6th sense: meaning!

Meet the isi5

isi5 stands for our 5 core beliefs. Our fascination for the 5 senses. And our spirit: 5 fingers for human-centricity, our hands-on approach and our high5 culture – open to anyone who wants to join the isi way.

5 isi beliefs

We put people first.

We see human beings as human beings, not just as consumers, clients or workforce. We care about their wellbeing, their needs and flourishing. Come as you are!

We love sensory experiences.

We enable moments of delight. Not only with insights. We help with everything and everyone we know. Why? Because we are convinced that sensory enjoyment is a value of human existence and a purpose in itself.

We take responsibility.

We are convinced that the future needs to rebalance responsibility and sensory delight. And that this will open up new opportunities. As researchers, consultants, sparring partners, isi team members, innovators, parents, friends, human beings, we take responsibility for each other, our work and for isi itself. We contribute to sustainable ideas for a livable planet.

We trust in dialogue.

We engage in conversations that connect people across their differences. We believe in the value and power of critical opinions. We stay curious and enable meaningful discourse. Talk to us.

We grow together.

We see ourselves and our eco-system of customers and partners as a living organism of individuals working together. We develop, learn, and un-learn. We make mistakes, get better and strive for the best solution. Together.

Products + Purpose