Fragrance research

Eigenlob stinkt, aber Duft ist unser Fachgebiet.  Wir helfen dabei, den idealen Duft in richtiger Intensität zu entwickeln – für Produkte im Bereich Body Care / Personal Care und Kosmetik…

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In Germany, we say “self-praise stinks” — but fragrance research is our specialty 

We can help you develop the ideal fragrance with the right intensity - for personal care and cosmetic products, as well as home care and laundry. 

The associations triggered, the functional and emotional benefits conveyed, and the link to childhood and life memories are of great importance. In some areas, there may also be a need for odour reduction or the masking of unpleasant sensations. 

From ad hoc studies to strategic projects (e.g. creating a fragrance library or developing fragrance portfolios), we support you with consulting expertise, a large ecosystem of capable partners and a wide range of methodologies, including instrumental measurement. 

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Raphaela Achtelik | Senior Sensory Manager

What might such a project look like? Like this, for example:
Case: Toilet blocks in a hotel — fragrance screening done different

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