Tasty vegan cheese? Challenge accepted!

Veganer Käse… schwierig! Aber wenn er schmeckt… Hammer! Die Voraussetzungen waren geschaffen: Milch-Protein aus dem Labor? Check! Ein supermotiviertes R&D-Team? Check! Spannende Sorten und überzeugende Produktkonzepte? Check!…

Towards the ideal sensory profile

Module: Improve​
Keywords: Benchmarking, Drivers of Liking, Multi-method approaches

Vegan cheese... difficult! But if it tastes good... awesome!

The conditions were right: Milk protein from the lab? Check! A super motivated R&D team? Check! Interesting varieties and convincing product concepts? Check!

The challenge: It has to taste good! Close to real cheese! And unique compared to the plant-based competition.

So we set off to the supermarkets and looked for benchmark products - both in the vegan aisle and at the cheese counter. Then we began the search for the ideal sensory profile with an objective description of sensory perceptions by our trained sensory expert panel. Subsequently, cheese consumers rated their taste preferences. And then a dash of statistical magic: We created a sensory map, highlighted the "hot spots" and simulated the ideal mozzarella, cream cheese and camembert profiles. With all the details. Like a blueprint for product development.

The R&D team's eyes lit up. Sleeves rolled up and off they went!

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Annika Ipsen | Senior Sensory Manager

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