New energy for Germany

Einer der größten Softdrink-Hersteller stieß auf eine interessante Energy-Marke in den USA. „Wie wär‘s, wenn wir die auf den deutschen Markt bringen? Da geht doch was!“ Die Schwierigkeit: Unser Kunde…

Strategic marketing framework for a new energy drink 

Module: Explore 
Keywords: Consumer insights, Persona validation, market mapping, multi-method approaches 

One of the largest soft drink companies came across an interesting energy drink brand in the USA. "What if we brought it to the German market? There's something there for sure!"

The challenge: Our client knew virtually nothing about the energy drink market.  

What motivates people to buy and use energy drinks? In what situations are energy drinks consumed? What are the relevant demand spaces and consumer segments? Who are the most important competitors in the market and how are they perceived? Where is room for a new value proposition? 

Using a multi-method approach, including in-depth interviews, shop-alongs, and a representative online study, the team built a deep understanding of the German energy drink market. This served as the basis for a strategic marketing framework.

Since then, it has been the basis for marketing communications, new product development and portfolio design — and has been updated twice. And the brand is now one of the top three brands in the German market. 

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