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Customer Cases

See what we work on: Whether it is recipe development, marketing concepts or the development of the ideal sensory profile, we help to create truly good and sustainable products.


The sound of chocolate

Wie übersetzt man ein Geschmackserlebnis in Klangwelten? Mit Sensory Branding und Co-Creation im Netzwerk par excellence. Für den passenden Sound zum Flagship-Store unseres Kunden haben...

From oral dramas and chocolate fountain effects

Our mission: to align the sensory experience of the product with the brand concept. What does that mean in detail? In this case, with a combination of in-depth interviews, sensory...

Speed dating with BBQ flavor

How can we learn about new flavors quickly, on a lean budget, and without direct competition? With expert panels and efficient methods...

trends & topics

Read about what we know and what we care about. From the latest findings in fragrance research and packaging design to our collaboration with startups.

trends & topics

Plant based products & alternative protein

Eat plants, not friends! Healthier, more sustainable, better for animals: alternative protein sources are gaining ground. For example, as a substitute for meat or milk. The important thing is...

trends & topics

Nutri Score optimization

What advantage does a B instead of a C provide? How does changing the recipe affect taste and perception? We help you optimize your products...

trends & topics

isi x start-ups & grown-ups

We help startups make good decisions! We don't bore you with statistics and detailed market research discussions. Instead, we provide quick and easy access to...