Toilet rim blocks in the hotel

Snifftests für Bodylotion auf der Haut, für Weichspüler an der Flasche oder dem Handtuch – aber für Klosteine? Man riecht nicht am Klostein und man taucht nicht ein in die Toilette,…

Fragrance screening with a difference: "Special products require special measures"

Module: Validate
Keywords: Fragrance Screening, Central Location Testing, Implicit Testing

Sniff tests - for body lotion on the skin, for fabric softener in the bottle or on the towel... but for toilet blocks?

You don't smell directly on the toilet block and you don't dive into the toilet - the smell spreads through the room. And it stays there for a while. And develops. And you like it or you don't like it. And it triggers spontaneous associations.

In order to do justice to the "special nature of toilet blocks" and to achieve our client's goals, we decided on an unusual setup: We rented a small hotel wing. One room per fragrance. With fixed paths for consumers based on an experimental design. And with fancy approaches from our methodological toolbox, such as implicit testing, which captures spontaneous associations with the fragrances.

Sensory marketing research is much more than a product and a questionnaire - it's about stimulus presentation, intelligent experimentation and a multitude of organizational details in search of creative solutions.

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