Bags full of new product ideas — what now?

Auf die richtigen „Pferde“ setzen – mithilfe digitaler Insightsplattformen. Der Kunde: Eines der großen deutschen Technologieunternehmen. Mit Innovation in der DNA. Mit Unmengen von F&E- und Innovations-Teams und UX/CX-Designern. Und…

Betting on the right “horses” — using digital insights platforms to help

Module: Validate
Keywords: Concept testing, Online surveys, Digital insights platforms

The client: One of Germany's largest technology companies. With innovation in their DNA. With tons of R&D and innovation teams and UX/CX designers. And even more exciting product and service concepts for a better future.

The question: How on earth do you screen, prioritize, sort, or concretize this mass of ideas and concepts? How do you link them to target audiences and the company's brands?

Together with our client, we developed and implemented a digital concept screener . From advising on stimulus formats and selecting test criteria (including regular meta-analyses and ongoing optimization), to custom development of a digital insights platform by our software team, to regular testing worldwide.

What is this platform? A central place for ideas and inspiration, internal benchmarking, a filter for concepts, and a source of knowledge for developing and testing ideas, product and service concepts.

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Torsten Koch | Senior Associate Digital Solutions

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