Looking for a yogurt recipe, offering a marketing concept

Da lag es also – frisch aus dem Strategiemeeting: Das Marketing-Konzept für einen neuen Joghurt-Snack. In allen Details beschrieben: Demand Space, wichtigste Nutzendimensionen, Kernzielgruppe, erste Verpackungs-Scribbles… Es fehlte nur eine…

Concept-based systematic recipe development 

Module: Co-Create​ 
Keywords: Sensory Decoding, Drivers of Benefits, Design of Experiments, Implicit Testing 

There it was: the marketing concept for a new yogurt snack, fresh from the strategy meeting. Described down to the last detail: Demand space, key benefit dimensions, core target audience, initial packaging scribbles...

Only one thing was missing: the product itself. The recipe. The heart of it all. 

So, together with the R&D team, we embarked on the development of this core. In qualitative decoding workshops, we explored the relationship between concept elements and sensory codes. Using an experimental design, the first prototypes were developed from these codes.

A sensory expert panel objectively described the perception of the prototypes. Simultaneously, we measured the implicit associations that the recipes elicited in consumers. By linking the two data sets in a statistical model, we were able to identify which sensory characteristics were responsible for the relevant associations — and where the prototypes still had potential for improvement.

One iteration later, we were there: A recipe perfectly tailored to the marketing concept that now warms yogurt lovers' hearts.

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Sven Henneberg | Senior Sensory Manager

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