Technology in search of thirst quencher 

Nicht alle Innovationsprojekte starten mit Marktlücken oder unerfüllten Bedürfnissen, viele eben auch mit neuen Technologien. Wie kommen wir davon zu neuen Produktkonzepten? Mit Design Sprints…

With design sprint to new product concepts 

Module: Co-Create​ 
Keywords: Design Sprint, Co-Creation, Agile Innovation, Beverages 

"We have this great new technology - but what are we going to make of it? It could be anything from a regular beer to a soda pop for grown-ups!"  

This was the starting point for a large brewery when we started talking. Not all innovation projects start with market gaps or unmet needs, many start with new technologies. 

In a 4-day design sprint, we worked with a cross-functional customer team to develop not only a comprehensive understanding of potential target markets and product paths, but also specific product concepts. And we got qualitative feedback directly from potential users.

The result: a symbiosis of two existing product categories, a good first feeling for target group resonance, and a real motivation boost for the client team and new confidence in their own creative and analytical abilities... Agile teamwork at its best! 

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