The sound of chocolate

Wie übersetzt man ein Geschmackserlebnis in Klangwelten? Mit Sensory Branding und Co-Creation im Netzwerk par excellence. Für den passenden Sound zum Flagship-Store unseres Kunden haben wir mit trainierten Expertenpanels, Sounddesign…

How to translate taste experiences into sonic worlds

Module: Co-Create​
Keywords: Sensory Branding, Multi-method approaches, Temporal Dominance of Sensations​

"We recently opened our House of Chocolate, a mixture of brand experience world and flagship store... But it's kind of... quiet!"

Of course, we are happy to jump at the chance to get started!

"What about the sound of chocolate? Translating the taste experience into sounds? That would be a hit!" 

(Sorry for the bad puns)

Sensory branding and network co-creation par excellence followed. A trained panel of sensory experts used the TDS (Temporal Dominance of Sensations) approach to describe the taste of dark chocolate. The attributes and their progression served as a briefing for a sound designer from the isi ecosystem. He jumped in head over heels and started working.

Three sounds were created. In a sound-accompanied tasting session, chocolate eaters rated how well the sounds matched the taste experience. Based on the results, we worked with our client to select the winning sound.

And now? Visitors' mouths (no, not their ears, we'll save that pun!) are watering from their first steps in the House of Chocolate.

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Dag Piper | Head of Growth & Change Design

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